When my father approached me with the offer of playing drums, I  hesitantly accepted. Arriving upon that first day, I was dreading what I  had gotten myself into. What I did find however was a man named Marcos  who is a damn good drummer. Not even joking, this man is great when it  comes to this stuff. On that first day, regardless of me being terrible  at drums, he proceeded to have me use his drum kit after awhile to  practice, improve and play and has continued this trend which actually  makes me feel like a semi-equal person in regards to the teacher to  student relationship. This man was also one to listen, plan and take  into account what you would have enjoyed doing, which was pretty  fantastic. His approach to teaching actually works and now it's nice to  now know what a drummer does in a song. The one thing that still needs  to happen is for me to reach his level of drumming (which he showed off  on the first day [It was pretty insane/good]), but after every lesson, I  know that it's happened, albeit slowly, but it is happening. And I am  one glad kid from it.
~Peter S.

Marcos is a great recording engineer and producer. I think what  differentiates him from others is his highly discerning ear. He really  works hard to bring the best out of you. I would trust him with any  project. Give him a call!

Eric H.

I've recorded many songs at Firefly with Marcos as the engineer and  drummer. He's a human metronome, total professionalism all the way and  he has a great ear for harmonies. Firefly provides a relaxing atmosphere  for rehearsing and recording. I'll be returning soon.
~James Patrick