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June 25, 2019

Here's a review  of Pictures Of Pretty Things by Alan Haber 


Farrington | Pictures of Pretty Things (2019) 


This monumental, audacious bundle of retro-fueled imagination, wackadoo musical composition and performance closes with a majestic, classically-influenced instrumental in which impassioned orchestration and lyrical guitar work play as the audience exits the auditorium–you being the audience and your music listening room being the auditorium. 

But don’t exit the auditorium just yet: hang in there for the last 12 seconds of this album’s title track, the very last track, when a burst of packed-tight harmony voices shouting “Pretty things!” bounces off the walls like a Spalding® High-Bounce Handball. It’s a reminder of what you’ve just heard: a never-mind-the- boundaries kind of album in which glam meets pop meets rock meets all sorts of other stuff, too. 

Farrington’s Pictures of Pretty Things packs a box set’s worth of ideas and musical manipulations into just about 35 minutes of– what’s the word I used up top? Audacious? Well, audacious it all is, without a doubt. 

Farrington, aka mad musical scientist James Patrick, works his magic in a Queen frame of mind, singing like a glam superstar with a pure pop heart. And save for a few harder-edged rockers, the artist stays put squarely in a melodic pop sandbox which, for my tastes, is an eminently satisfying domicile. 

Piano and other keyboards, played with passion, save for one song, by Farrington, majorly drive these songs, although the drums, played by co-producer Marcos de la Cruz, also pack quite a desirable punch. Anthony King, playing a good chunk of the guitar and bass parts, and other fine folks, including Kai Danzberg       

and Fernando Perdomo, help to make this astounding mix of great songs and performances a towering achievement. These songs are all about the sound and how the hooks aplenty grab hold of you and don’t let go. 

Achieving towering status are any number of top-drawer tunes, including the ultra-poppy “The Love Show,” a mid-tempo Queen- tinged song which is ultimately about love, love, love; the power- poppy “Long Way to Nowhere,” ultimately about the power of music (“Blondie dancing in a heart of glass / She makes me dizzy”); and “When I Was You,” an uptempo beat-driven pop song about ultra-disappointment in a doomed relationship (“I wish you were dead, she said / Yeah, I guess the feeling is more than mutual / So take me back to yesterday / When I was you”). 


These songs are all about the sound; frankly, I’m not entirely sure what most of these songs are about, but they sure sound good as good can be. “Blue,” a mid-tempo pop-rocker bops ahead with a decidedly Sweet “Love is Like Oxygen” vibe that is intensely infectious. And “Violins,” another poppy pick-to-click, tells the tale of a girl in a shaky relationship who finds solace in the sound of violins (“She listens to violins / And her imagination runs wild again / She listens to violins / The music makes her smile again”). 


A box set’s worth of magical ideas imaginatively whipped into shape by a mad musical scientist who knows how to mix just the right ingredients, Pictures of Pretty Things is one heck of an achievement. 

June 23, 2019 

It's finally done! The album "Pictures Of Pretty Things" by Farrington is a wrap and available for download on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. We've been getting lots of praise for the songs and performances as well as the  sound quality. I'm very proud to be a part of this record and am grateful to Farrington and all who participated. Reviews coming soon!

John Easdale of Dramarama recorded vocals for  a new Farrington tune and really showed why he's a pro.  John laid down his part in three takes and was extremely  easy to work with. Definitely the nicest rock star I've ever met. 

Bassist Terry Love from The Claws tracked bass today on a new Farrington song. Terry did a great job and we hope he returns.  

Apr. 21, 2019

More new and exciting stuff happening.

Actress Teresa Michelle Lee recorded a speaking part for a movie audition. Teresa was fun and super professional. She was prepared and got her lines don

e quickly. 


Savannah Overstreet, a 12-yr old singer/songwriter recorded an original song. Savannah played her ukulele and sang. It's a great song and she has a very bright future.

Firefly has upgraded to the latest version of  Pro Tools and got a new IMAC with 40 GB of RAM. 

We've also been working with more new gear including the Warm Audio WA76 and the UAD-2 Satellite.

The WA76 is a re-creation of the classic Universal Audio 1176 compressor, a staple in any pro studio.

The UAD-2 from Universal Audio comes with 19 incredible plug-in emulations of classic hardware including -

Universal Audio  Teletronix LA2A and 1176 and Fairchild 670  compressors.

Neve 1073 EQ

API Vision Channel Strip

SSL E Channel Strip

Pultec EQP 1

UA 610 B mic pre and EQ


Marshall Plexi Classic 

The Satellite allows me to use these great plug-ins without taxing my computer, allowing for a much smoother workflow.  

The long-awaited album from FARRINGTON will be mastered in May, 2019. It's got 13 killer tracks with contributions from some great musicians! Stay tuned!

Nov. 23, 2018

The past few months have been exciting and hectic. 

Fitness model/influencer/athlete Michie Peachie did a voice over session here in October for Total Fitness and Nutrition. This session involved Michie reading instructions for 125 different exercises for a workout app called fitplanapp. Michie was a total pro and really cool to work with.

Tracking more great songs from FARRINGTON with help from Nikki Paige, Kai Danzberg, Tatianna Gallardo and Anthony King. 

Nikki added her sweet voice to a tune called "Violins" and really helped make this song a winner. Nikki is super talented, sweet and humble. She nailed her parts in one or two takes. Nikki Paige (@nikkipaigenarage) • Instagram photos and videos

Nikki Paige (@iamnikkipaige) | Twitter

Nikki Paige: How music tamed this party animal and saved her life ...

Tatianna, who has worked with 4x Garmmy-nominated producer, Vincent Berry II sang on the chorus of FARRINGTON'S "Stones". Just gorgeous. Tatianna Gallardo - Wonder What It's Like (Official Music Video ...

Kai Danzberg, 25-yr old power-pop singer/songwriter/guitarist from Germany added his great multi-layered vocal harmonies to "Stupid Plastic War", "Music Is The Drug", "Long Way To Nowhere" and "Violins". Congrats to Kai, who recently signed a deal with Big Stir Records. I was honored to play drums on two tracks from his current album,  "Let Me Know", featuring Lisa Mychols and "Reach You Somehow", on which FARRINGTON added a superb guitar solo.    Big Stir Records - Kai Danzberg

May 30, 2018

Currently working on a FARRINGTON track called "Hey Mr Rock n Roll'.

This track features Keith Slettedahl on vocals, Anthony King on guitars and Fernando Perdomo on bass. 

Keith is a former member of L.A. band The 88. The 88 wrote and performed "At Least It Was Here", the theme song for the television series Community. The band co-scored the 2012 film Friends with Kids. The 88 appear on the soundtrack to the 2012 film The Lorax. From 2010 to 2012, the band toured and recorded with the Kinks leader Ray Davies, serving as his opening act and backing Davies for his set. Keith Slettedahl - Wikipedia

Fernando Perdomo is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer. He was in the core band for Echo In The Canyon, an all star concert at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. The band backed up Jakob Dylan, Fiona Apple and Regina Spektor

He has composed and recorded TV music for Honda, Target, McDonalds, Goya, Dunkin Donuts, Toyota, Shameless, and Dexter. 

In  2015, Fernando recorded most of the bass and guitars on the acclaimed  album "New World” by Dave Kerzner, along with Steve Hackett (Genesis),  Keith Emerson (ELP) and Simon Phillips (The Who). Fernando Perdomo - Wikipedia

Anthony King is a gifted guitarist/bassist currently touring with Buffy Sainte Marie. He plays a variety of styles including rock, funk, pop, jazz and country. Great to have Anthony's musicality here at Firefly. Anthony King Guitar/Bass | ReverbNation

With FARRINGTON continuing to write quality material, I look forward to more great recordings with these fine musicians in the future. 

December 12, 2017

In July 2017 I had the opportunity to have  engineer Jack Rouben lend his expertise to a couple of recordings by Barefoot Jackson and  Farrington.

Jack  got his start at the legendary Sunset Sound studio. There he worked on  recordings by legendary artists such as Earth, Wind and Fire, Aretha  Franklin, Diana Ross, Chaka Khan, Gloria Gaynor, The Gap Band, Celine  Dion and Kenny Loggins, to name a few. Jack taught me a few things about  subtractive EQ, compression and mic placement.  So cool to hear all the stories and just hang with him. Hopefully he will be back soon!

Also spent some time tracking with ACOT on a new tune. ACOT is an up and coming hip hop artist with a ton of Youtube views and  an impressive following.

Gregory Finsley, lead singer of Queen Nation (incredible Queen tribute band) stopped by to sing on a brilliant new track by Farrington.